5 Top Carpet Cleaning Tips

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No matter what you do to protect your carpet, it is going to suffer from the spills, drops and wear and tear of extended use. Over time, your carpet or rugs can become dirty and worn down, and the expert carpet cleaning Caerphilly want to give you a few helpful tips that should keep it looking better for longer and prevent stains from setting in and becoming impossible to remove.

1.      Clean Right Away

Don’t wait to clean up any messes. Deal with them as soon as you see them. The faster you treat spills and stains, the more likely you are to actually remove them completely. Be sure to dab at spills and then dry them up, instead of rubbing them down hard into the carpet cleaning in Cardiff.

You can deal with stains and spills quickly by keeping cleaning supplies within easy reach of you wherever your carpets are. Make sure you replenish your cleaning supplies regularly so that you always have them on hand to treat spills.

2.      Use Dishwasher Soap on Grease

Grease stains are another bane of carpet owners. It can be very difficult to get grease out of the carpet completely, and if you don’t remove it, it can leave behind an oily stain. We suggest using dishwashing liquid on it, as it works just as well on grease on carpets as it does on the grease on plates. You might be surprised at how easily the grease comes off your carpet when you just apply a little dish detergent to it. Once again, dab gently at the liquid once you put it down instead of scrubbing hard to try to remove it.

3.      Freeze Gum

If someone drops gum on your carpet, you may have an awful time getting it to come off. Instead of pulling at it and becoming frustrated with how ineffective your methods are, you can simply freeze it. Apply a cold pack or some ice cubes to the gum for a few minutes and then watch how easy it is to remove.

4.      Use Club Soda for Liquid Spills

If you drop wine, juice or other liquids that can easily stain your carpet, you don’t have to worry that you will be left with an unsightly mark on the carpet. Just use some club soda on the affected area and then dab at the liquid to dry it up. Don’t press it down into the carpets, and you should be able to remove just about any liquid stain. Of course, you will need to keep some club soda on hand for such an occasion.

5.      Deep Clean Every So Often

Most people will clean the carpets with the vacuum every now and then, but this tends to be light cleaning, and if you really want to get all the dirt out and protect your carpet, you need to deep clean every so often. You may want to call in the professionals such as these carpet cleaners in Newport, South Wales to do it for you or just rent out a steam cleaner from time to time, but make sure that your carpets get some extra special care every once in a while.


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